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Our research and development centre on technology for food products processing, a reality since 2018


Research, development and prototyping

↘ of machinery and systems to meet market demand in a competent and flexible way.

Preventive tests on the required machinery

↘ with the guarantee of compliance with the operating parameters after installation on site.

Integrated product and process control

↘ to make Customer Care more effective in terms of response speed and technical expertise.

02. Activities and services

Operating activities

Tests and analyses

Physical, chemical and organoleptic lab tests on raw materials and processed food, also in collaboration with universities and national and international research centres.


We seek optimal customised technological solutions, integrated and developed also with a focus on Industry 4.0.

Green & Safe

Focus on food and environmental safety standards with the aim of reducing emissions and energy consumption.


In the search for optimal processing parameters for raw food materials, such as roasting, dosing, mixing, milling and inerting, through traditional and experimental systems with the support of a flexible and adaptive automation system.

Customer Care

Full support to customers across all the stages, from the preliminary analysis to the search for solutions that best meet customer specifications and remote assistance for the plants.


of technical in-house staff and contractors on specific innovative processes.

Design and customisation

Use of cutting-edge technology from the design stages (3d scanners, dedicated graphic software, etc.) aimed at customising the most suitable solutions to meet customers’ needs.

Programming the tests on coffee

Enables us to establish, for the various types of coffee, links between:

  1. 1. Final roasting colour
  2. 2. Roasting curve (profile, time, temperature)
  3. 3. Coffee yield (weight drop)
  4. 4. Organoleptic test
  5. 5. Content of substances potentially harmful to health
  6. 6. Hourly productivity of the plant
  7. 7. Plant efficiency in terms of yield of toasted product
  8. 8. Reduction of emissions into the environment
  9. 9. Energy efficiency of the process

Optimisation & Innovation


Characterisation of the production process with objective physical variables


Implementation of flexible systems for managing process parameters to obtain a final product suitable for the target


Improvement of the supervision system

  • Production efficiency
  • Product quality and environmental and energy impact
  • Fewer health risks


Development of new systems to reduce emissions into the atmosphere


Development of effective product combustion prevention systems


Monitoring of energy consumption and environmental impact for each type of roasting

Brambati Advanced Food Lab picture

The Laboratory

Operating areas of the laboratory:

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03. Advantages

The project will allow you to:


Have a dedicated and unique experimentation structure in Italy and one of the most advanced in Europe


Have a process that represents one of the keys to the success of the Company


Boost international growth and your competitive edge on the market


Optimise experimentation on products and processes to improve the quality of the products processed by Brambati SpA machines


Strengthen your after-sales and maintenance service by making it innovative and cost-effective